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I love to solve problems using technology - starting from common problems and transforming it into an applicable solution for society. Professionally, I have done this at a software house during my internship period; personally, I’m an innovator that’s driven to help my team solve our problems.



Nov 2020 - Jan 2021

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Jul 18, 2021

My Experience in Generasi Gigih Intermediate Level - Week 2

This post is dedicated as a reflection of my experience in the 2nd week in the Generasi GIGIH- Intermediate Level program. I have spent the last two weeks learning Ruby & MySQL within Generasi GIGIH. While the first week is mostly about Ruby and OOP, the second week dive deeper into database, ERD, and SQL. In the second week, the mentors taught us about HTTP methods (POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, etc), Entity Relational Diagram (ERD), and MySQL database. Read more
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